Washington STEM Academy looks forward to meeting and assisting parents. The main office at Washington is a busy place. In order to serve families, we ask that parents consider the following requests. 

Office requests for parents collecting their child for an appointment:

Parents are encouraged to make every effort to schedule appointments at times that are the least disruptive to their child’s school day. We understand that this is not always possible. It is greatly appreciated when parents call ahead to let us know in advance if their child has an appointment. This helps the office staff and teachers prepare. If an appointment will cause a student to miss a class or several classes, please contact your child’s teachers to collect assignments and homework.

Office requests for student transportation changes:

Parents are encouraged to call the office before 3:00pm to submit any afternoon transportation changes! This allows the office adequate time to notify the teacher/student of the changes. Afternoons are a very busy time here at Washington. Notification in advance is greatly appreciated!

Office requests for parents dropping off clothing or materials for their child:

Parents are encouraged to call ahead so the office staff can look up the student’s schedule and call the student to the office to minimize time out of the classroom.

Nurse requests for parents dropping off medication or picking up a sick child:

Parents are encouraged to call the school nurse directly. 

If unavailable, please call the office and leave a message. Students must not bring medications from home. Parents must deliver medications to the school. 

  • Washington Main Office: (574) 371-5097

  • Medical Notes can be faxed to: (574) 371-5009 or emailed to: