Happy Tiger Tuesday: Inclusivity

Join Dr. Dani Barkey, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education, and Kelly Meeks, K-12 EL Coordinator, to hear more about the WCS Inclusivity Pillar - one part of our Strategic Plan.

 "Our students will thrive academically and socially in a sustainable culture of belonging and empowerment. Members of Warsaw Community Schools will recognize and honor each other as we celebrate our unique, diverse experiences."

  • Hire & Train Equitably: Ensure that hiring and training practices acknowledge and represent a variety of cultures, ethnicities, and perspectives.
  • Build & Strengthen Relationships:  Extend invitations, establish trust, and warmly welcome new faces into the school community.
  • Leverage Virtual Mentorship: Involve racially diverse community members in a variety of in-person and/or online opportunities for mentorship, connecting them with students who need positive role models to who they can relate.
  • Navigate Crucial Conversations: Empower students to be active participants in enriching the lives of others.
  • Encourage Dialogue & Storytelling: Create spaces for students and the school community to celebrate what makes them unique.

Have a Terrific Tiger Tuesday!

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