Tiger Ambassadors

Warsaw Community Schools recently introduced a Tiger Ambassador Program. Each school principal reached out to invite a community member. The first meeting was held on September 22. At that time, Dr. David Hoffert, Superintendent for Warsaw Community School, shared the WCS mission, and organizational structure, and invited guest presenters Mark Fick, Director of Transportation, Stacie Light, Director of Food Services, Matt Binkerd, Athletic Director, and Michael Howk, Assistant Athletic Director.  

Heather Reichenbach, School Board President explained, "The purpose of the Tiger Ambassador Program is to promote goodwill and understanding of Warsaw Community Schools through the connection and engagement of key stakeholders who can help cultivate, communicate, and advocate our mission in the community.” Dr. David Hoffert, Superintendent for Warsaw Community Schools added, “The objectives are to educate Warsaw Community Schools’ key stakeholders with a deeper understanding of our mission, people, and general operations through meetings, experiences, and conversations; to empower and equip key stakeholders to informally share the knowledge they have gained about Warsaw Community Schools in their circles of influence with the objective of increasing awareness about what our schools do; and to develop a passionate group of people with the contextual background and potential to serve in areas of need within Warsaw Community Schools including various committee assignments, key interview panels, strategic planning initiatives, or even more formal future board candidacy.”  

On October 26, Tiger Ambassadors participated in a Principal Shadowing experience. As Principal for a Day, each Tiger Ambassador followed principals to learn more about their routines, challenges, and celebrations. Tiger Ambassadors then had the opportunity to meet together and discuss their takeaways while learning more about the program's mission and vision. Dr. Hoffert also shared news about the new TigerCast podcast that has over a dozen episodes on a wide range of topics including Episode 13: Principal for a Day Reflection with Dr. David Hoffert, Kyle Carter, Aimee Lunsford, Jeri Purdy, Devendra Gorhe, and Emerson Poort. Dr. Hoffert invited all Tiger Ambassadors to join him on November 10 for an extra credit field trip to see the construction project at Warsaw Community High School to learn more about the vision behind the design.  

Future Tiger Ambassador meetings include topics of finance, curriculum, and the facility plan. Warsaw Community Schools would like to thank all who are participating to learn more about the district and to represent their schools as future graduates of the first cohort of Tiger Ambassadors.

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Tiger Ambassadors, 2022

Anwar Mohammed 

Samuel Pena 

Ashlie Williams 

Cassi Silveus 

Devendra Gorhe 

Laurel Davis 

Emerson Poort 

Matt Goebel 

Jeri Purdy 

Tyler Miller 

James Randall 

Stephen Jones 

Melissa Kissling 

Danielle Walters 

Roberto Perez-de-Frias